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By Miya J Jul 4, 2024

We all have seen the death scene of Batman’s parents numerous times onscreen. No wonder there have been multiple depictions of the same scene be it in Burton’s Batman or Nolan’s or in the Gotham series, which was the beginning of the rise of Batman. No doubt we all have wondered at some point who was the killer. Let’s find out.

How Did Batman’s Parents Die?

Little Bruce Wayne has gone to the cinema with his parents to watch the comedy-adventure based movie named, “Zorro: The Gay Blade“. Bruce Wayne was 10 years old then. After the movies ended the family had gone for a walk in the city. A guy with a mask comes out of the shadows and shots Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of little Bruce and then takes away Matha’s Pearls.  

So who was this mysterious killer? His name was Joe Chill who was a hitman working for Lex Moxon. His actions led to the creation of Batman in the first place. 

How Did Batman Avenge His Parent’s Death?

There are two versions of the story. In the original comics, he was simply unable to find the killer of his parents. So to make himself feel good he goes on killing other criminals or villains in the Gotham City which was somehow ironic. And that is how our superhero Batman’s legacy came into existence because of the one wrong move by Joe Chill. 

And there is the second variant in which Batman does gets his revenge. He confronts Joe Chill in the State Penitentiary where his suspect is serving a life sentence. He thought of killing him at once, but that would have been so easy to do and what’s the fun in there for out Batman. 

The pain he had suffered through all those years couldn’t be matched with that. He reveals his identity to Joe Chill and reminds him of his past deeds. He lets other prisoners know that it was Joe Chill who created the Batman. The Angry inmates turn to Joe and took turns to made him suffer the worse leading to the death of Joe Chill at last.

By Miya J

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