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Is news coming this month?

By Miya J Mar 20, 2024

We’re in the start of a new month and with that, of course, comes more opportunities! Are we going to learn something new with Blue Bloods season 14 on CBS?

First and foremost, it goes without saying that we’d love to have something more insight soon when it comes to the Tom Selleck show! After all, we know already that there are discussions about it behind the scenes, but it’s still possible that multiple parties are far apart. The biggest concern moving forward seems to be the show’s budget proportional to its performance in an era of declining live viewership. Blue Bloods has a pretty enormous regular and recurring cast, and that means a lot of mouths to feed.

Do we think that things will be figured out at some point? Absolutely, and there is at least a chance that this happens before we get around to the end of this month. We tend to think that CBS would like, at least, for this situation to be resolved. Remember this: The earliest that a season 14 is ordered, the earlier that some plans can start to be solidified. There are concerns about a writers’ strike at some point down the road and with that, of course it benefits the network and studio to get some plans in place prior to a time in which that could happen.

We have seen already multiple shows get renewed including NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii, So Help Me Todd, and several of the comedies. Blue Bloods could easily be next on the list, and we mostly just wonder whether or not we’re going to be seeing season 14 be the final one — or, if the budget is trimmed properly and a good deal gets done, if there could be at least a couple more seasons of the police drama.

In the midst of all of this, remember as well there is another episode coming this Friday!

By Miya J

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