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Zombies Has Arrive in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Call of Duty has truly been one of the revelations in the gaming franchises. They have upped the ante every time with the release of a new gaming theme. It started out as a first-person action shooter with moderate graphics yet an engaging storyline. With years gone by, it has developed it’s the gameplay like no other. Call of Duty has been famed worldwide for its climatic endings which engage gamers emotionally and mentally. Now there is news that a new mode of gaming called Warzone has arrived. In here we can at last finally see the zombies in play.

When Will the Zombies Arrive?

As far as information and Reuters report suggest, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is the latest in the instalment. In here the gamers have developed a mode called warzone where. Through some weeks several hints were dropped which suggested that the zombies would be arriving. There is strong evidence linked to the reports where we might see our titular characters, killing zombies to survive. Warzone is the theme which creates a Battlefield like situation. With progression in the game, you will get to defeat the zombie bosses in order to progress to the next mission.

Hints Which Show That Zombies Might Arrive

There have been several clear indications which suggest that something strange is going to happen. With the bunkers filled with nukes, dark storyline and howling wolf packs, something ominous is definitely arriving. However more such visuals confirmed the reports even more. We saw the emergence of the huge zombie rats and the undisclosed experiment lab papers. All these indications and events point out to the fact that the zombies will arrive in the fourth season of the game.

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What Do the Reports Suggest About Zombies in Reality?

Many tech magazines are providing information on the game. They tell us that Call of Duty might release the zombie feature as a special event mode. In this special event mode like Halloween, it will be limited up to a certain time period. So we have to kill zombies at night in order to survive till dawn. Limited time frame however might dampen the spirits if the gamers a bit more. But even if the zombie feature arrives in a little proportion, I hope the gamers would not be complaining.