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Zendaye and Jacob Elordi are in relationship is rumour or True? tap to know

Zendaye and Jacob Elordi are in relationship is rumour or True? tap to know

“I believe we secretly love each other and it’s the connection we can’t explain to the world.” Perfect line for Zendaye and Jacob Elordi’s relationship . People quote themselves as “just friends” usually those people are the one who play around the hidden game of love. But no matter how hard you go around you can’t hide it for long after all love is damn special bond in every human life.

Proof of rumour

Zendaye and Jacob tried hard to their relationship from media but their usual activities of secrete trip and flying back to Elordi s home country. Infact rumours caught them in coffee shop sawing their love for each other. Yet they officially didn’t declare their relationship but i don’t think now they need to declare as in their activities and action says all even YouTube clip says “Zendaye and Jacob kissing each other” rumours are rolling around. What i feel is it’s better if they clearly declare their relationship next to media that would be better rather rumours and newspaper making fun and unwanted claim on them.

As if you guys truly love each other why to hide yourself from media just say it though social media account don’t have any such clip or pictures but media people have it I know it’s but obvious for fans to know relationship status as well as now media is like spy on them so news goes around for secret trip, travelling home trip, booking sweat suit in hotel, coffee date , kissing clips and much more is rolling around the media .

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So when question comes are they dating each other?

Answer is simple according to rumours yes they are dating each other but no official declaration yet made by them. So guys keep in touch with us to know more about Zendaye and Elordi‘s relationship status .