Zack Snyder’s Birthday Threatens to Ruin a Quiet Day on the Internet

zack snyder justice league bts

via Warner Bros.

Just when you thought it was safe to venture onto the internet after James Gunn hammered several more nails into the coffin of the SnyderVerse, the architect of the original DCU only goes ahead and turns 57 years old.

Obviously, Zack Snyder can’t help the date on which he was brought into this world, but just like clockwork his most dedicated minions have mobilized all over again to use the special occasion as the latest vessel with which to relaunch a campaign that’s been deemed ridiculous by no less of an authority than the co-CEO of DC Studios himself.

The filmmaker has plenty on his plate over at Netflix as it is without getting involved in the delusional campaign to see Warner Bros. – a studio that’s recently merged with Discovery and relaunched its marquee comic book franchise at vast expense – strike a deal to sell just mythical projects as the second and third Justice League movies, the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, Ben Affleck’s The Batman, and many more to a rival platform.

Dead Boy Detectives is an exception because it can conceivably exist in the same realm as The Sandman, another DC adaptation that Netflix is developing as an in-house original, while the same sentiment also applied to Lucifer in a roundabout way. The SnyderVerse is an entirely different kettle of spandex-clad fish, though, leaving timelines all over the world to be spammed senseless all over again as Snyder’s birthday becomes a conduit for renewed demands.

Sometimes, you just gotta let it go.