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Youtube TV Here Are the Details You Can Get It as Free Trial

YouTube TV which was launched in 2017 since then it is giving excellent content to all of its viewers. Since its launch, YouTube TV has gained a lot of popularity which is clear by the fact that in 2019 YouTube Tv covered more than 98% of Us household. The biggest reason for its popularity was the YouTube TV free trial provided during the launch.

The charges for signing up for the YouTube TV service is as high as $50 per month but the services offered under the package are totally worth it. But the service gives you access over 70 broadcast and cable networks. This gives the user the choice of a wide range of channels to choose from. The line-up of YouTube TV has more sports channels as compared to others. Some of the channels are Big Ten Network, CBS sports network, MLB network, NBS TV, ESPN and many more.

After reading above stuff anyone can get thrilled to get the membership for YouTube TV. First, it is advisable to go for the trial version of the service which is valid for 7 days but right now the period has been increased to 15 days. The only thing you need to do is to register yourself on YouTube TV before the 15th of March. This trial version will help you find out whether the trial is worth it or not.

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Here are some facts about YouTube TV services:

1. Under the package, you get unlimited DVR space where you can record all your favourite shows which will be saved for nine-month on it.

2. The YouTube TV service can be accessed on various devices like phone, tablet or computer, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and many more.

3. The membership keeps in mind of your friends and family thus it comes up with six accounts included in the membership out of which you can watch simultaneously on three screens at the same time.

4. It has service through which you can access certain programs based on your locations.

All these features make YouTube TV worth trying.