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You Will Definetly Love The Show “BANCROFT” Check Why Its So Intresting

It’s been a long time since we last watched “Bancroft”.

The story of a police officer who somehow indulges in a murder case that is unsolved till this very day.


Elizabeth Bancroft is the name of our main character who is the criminal and her colleague DS Katherine Stevens is basically working on a case of a cold murder of Laura Fraser who is eventually, killed by none other than Elizabeth Bancroft.

The story starts to make major twists and turns while the show goes on we believed that Bancroft killed Laura as maybe she was in love with Laura’s husband Tim, but it turns out in later episodes that Bancroft was in love with Laura.

Both of them were having an affair before Laura becomes pregnant with Tim’s child and dumped Bancroft by using some pretty cruel words which make the police stabbed her to death.

Bancroft makes sure that the case should never go against her and to do that she manipulates everyone in this case including Katherine, she sets her up with her own son Joe Bancroft who had an on and off relationship with Katherine as Katherine has still feelings for her ex Andy Bevan.


The situation gets pretty tumultuous and when Bancroft kills her retired boss Charlie Haverstock who decides to be involved in solving the case, she kills him too.

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From there, Katherine doubts Bancroft and that’s when she decides to team up with Dr Anya Karim who decides to solve the case and eventually, they were able to find out that Bancroft killed Laura which gets to Bancroft’s ear and that’s what ends Katherine’s life as well.


The series goes on, and none other than Bancroft’s son Joe who was able to know about the killing of Katherine and Laura was done by her mother only which makes him cut all the ties with his mother which leaves Bancroft pretty devastated. So, now what she is going to do next.

That’s what we have for ” Bancroft” even though quite messy and it always gives the antagonist an advantage still you can watch it.