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You Season 3- Release date, cast and plot.

The You series is based on book written by Caroline Kepnes with the same name. It is psychological thriller which took over the internet after it was streamed on 2018 in Netflix.

In the end of Season two, we can see how Joe moved to move Los Angeles and become Will, before falling for a woman called Love. It came up with an interesting twist on revealing that she just like Joe has a dark side and ends up killing people too.

Netflix has confirmed there will be season three. It will have ten episodes. It will be released on April 2021.

There is more suspense that comes up in season 3. When Love reveals that she too has a darker side, it takes Joe aback. He however denies it and finds it hard to accept. It is expected that in season 3, they both move to another place. Joe again, being Joe, finds a new victim. It is interesting how the darker shades of human mind is been portrayed here.


It is clear from the show that Joe and Love are not soulmates. He is afraid of her in the end.In season three, it is been set up in a way that they could be each other’s arch nemesis. That is exactly why season three needs to be explored.

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Joe’s story will not be over with season three. It is sure thing that You series will continue with many more seasons. Even though there is a slight fear that it might end up as how game of thrones series ended as author ┬áCaroline Kepnes is still at work to finish series, producers are willing to explore the possibilities of how it could end.

You is one of a kind show. The subject of series is new, it has lots of dark matter in it yet it does not bore the audience at all. There are many violent acts similar to the ones shown in Hannibal yet it is not disgusting.

The show has created controversies due to exploration of dark matters yet it is one of the most loved psychological thriller of this time.