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You Can Now Use Google Meet for Free! Extension Has Been Made Till September

Everyone knows Google. They are an American Multinational Corporation who deal with many things. From internet services to many other varying products. They are one of the Big 4s in the tech industry. The remaining three MNCs are Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Google’s search engine is used by everyone. It is known for providing accurate results to a query. However, most services that are provided by Google, are totally free. The paid services are priced at a pretty respectable and affordable rate. This attracts a whole heap of customers. That is why Google is respected all over the world.

Google’s services are fully trusted by very big MNCs because their data protection policies are ironclad.

Google’s History

The company was started in September 1998. It was done so, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Firstly, they created a search engine. After they created the search engine, their algorithm was all over the web.

Their special algorithm helped a lot in getting information. They received this information from a very high number of webpages. Soon, Google started to become one of the most popular search engine. We all know where they are now.

What does Google provide?

The company deal with a large variety of services and products. Their products are mostly free but some require payment or subscription. They are ad services, Google Drive also requires you to pay a certain amount to increase max storage, and few other paid services.

The products are also given the ability to be advertised on other platform like YouTube. It is a video hosting website where people can share their videos and view other people’s videos.

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On some other platforms, additional services can be used by paying some amount. They are known as premium services. It can also be subscription-based services. Here payment is taken monthly or yearly. Some of these premium services are Google Suite, Classroom and Hangouts Meet.

Google is allowing people to use Google Meet for free!

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, people all over the world are suffering. However, Google is trying to help all of us. Students and business professionals are suffering a lot too. Students are unable to learn and businesses are unable to run. Google is now giving its services for no fee. Some video conferencing tools used to be paid services but now they are to be used for free.

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Hangouts Meet, GSuite and Classroom are fully available for use till 30th September 2020. They are free for everyone. This also helps Google in allowing people to use more services like these. This will help students and businesses all over the world. Due to offices being closed due to the lockdowns, it is hard to run business smoothly. Students are unable to get their education. This step by Google will encourage students and businesses to take this time to hone their skills and learn more.

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