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Yakima County: Police is Searching Now Who Has Escape From Jail Around 7.10pm on Monday!

Escape of an unaccounted number of jail inmates was reported in Yakima on Monday, 23rd march 2020 at 7.10PM. A woman posted a video of jail inmates escaping by jumping off the fence on facebook.

The Yakima Police Department has been searching for them and has appealed to the citizens to be aware. The Yakima Police Department asked natives of Yakima to stay indoors as the criminals are on the loose and inform the police department if they notice anything or anyone suspicious on 911 or 574-2500. Especially citizens from Northeast or the Southeast part of the city should be aware, says the Yakima Police Department on Twitter.

According to the Yakima Police depart,et, all the jail inmates had escaped wearing the uniforms of jail. They might be wearing green shirts and will be barefoot or in orange sandals.

Fernando Gustavo Castenda-Sandoval, Hugo Alejandro Amezcue-Hernandez, Miguel Angel Chavez-Amezcua, Andrew Derrick Wofley, Tyrone Adam Mulvaney, and Neftali Serrano are few names from those who have escaped jail. According to the Department of Correction, they used a table to break down the fire escape door and then jumped out of the fence of the jail. Police department in Yakima is still searching for the criminals.

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