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Yaa Gyasi’s Follow up ‘Transcendent Kingdom’: What a Fantabulous Return After Her Debut in Homegoing

It has been four years since the first book written by Yaa Gyasis came out. Now, she has introduced another novel which is called Transcendent Kingdom.

About Yaa Gyasis

She is a American-Ghanaian writer. Her first ever published book was called Homecoming. She became quite popular after her debut novel was released back in 2016. If we talk about her educations, she did her Bachelors in English. She did that from Stanford.

Yaa Gyasis is living in Berkeley, California right now. Huntsville, Alabama used to be the place where she spent her childhood. As a matter of fact, her recent book is actually based on that.


After her debut novel was released, she became very popular. People really liked her books. This allowed her to win many awards. For instance, she won Hemingway Award. This was for the first fiction book.

She won another award which was for best first book. It was called John Leonard Award. This award was by National Book Critics Circle. Another award was American Book Award. Besides this, she also received ‘5 under 35’ honor back in 2016.

About Transcendent Kingdom

In this novel, the story is about a Ghanaian family who have been living in Alabama. It is about their life in the state. Transcendent Kingdom focuses on many important topics such as mental health. It also focuses on the psychological aspects a person may have. In the book, Gifty, the main protagonist, suffers from problems in her household. Her mom is suicidal. This kind of situation is very hard for a daughter or a son. Besides that, the novel really does well in showing the reader how the daughter deals with her mom.

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Gifty also had a brother. However, he passed away because of overdose. Transcendent Kingdom really shows the reader about how the family is grieving. It also provides us with the fact that Gifty believes in both science and religion. We see that she is a student at Stanford. She is doing studies for her P.H.D. The P.H.D. is in neuroscience. She is smart and capable. She also studies about the mind, especially, about depression and addiction.

Yaa Gyasis really wrote the novel well. It is emotional and provides people with a lot of lessons in life. It also focuses on topics which are hard to face. For instance, drugs, addiction, depressions, and more.

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