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Xbox Series And X Microsoft Comes With Enhancement For Past Console Games

The Xbox loving gang was already very excited with all new release of the Xbox Series X but with the added news that Microsoft has released new information has led to the players being even more enthusiastic. It comes with a wide variety of improvements and the major one being that we could also play all the old games from Xbox One on it.

However, many sources also report that Microsoft might put an end to it. The Xbox Series X’s library is bound to be amazing as Microsoft has a great reputation with that.

Microsoft is instead taking bigger steps in the backwards compatibility with the new series, it could run all the games from the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. It makes things further more interesting as the frame rates speed will be higher and an emulation layer won’t be needed to play old games. The old games would load faster and there will be better image resolution. Beyond everything they will also have HDR support.

Games like Halo 5 show improvement with HDR support but imagine 20-year-old games also getting better enhancement. The developers are still working on the library and to make it more impressive.

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