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WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Results All You Need to Know

World Wrestling Entertainment as we all know is one of the most popular shows on Earth. This wrestling weekly has millions of fans across the globe. But owing to the Coronavirus situation, live telecast of all the matches is going on without the crowds. Thus the wrestlers have to fight in the WWE Performance center instead of the jam-packed arena. In the midst of this WWE had its pay per view event Money in The Bank 2020 this week. It was the second WWE event held behind close doors after WrestleMania 36.

Men’s Division Matches

There were four matches scheduled for the men’s Division. In the first match the defending WWE heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre met Seth Rollins. The Irish brute successfully defended his championship against the Monday night Messiah. Second match was between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Championship. Monster Among Men successfully quashed the challenge of the fiend in a grueling encounter.

The scheduled third match was a fatal four way to determine the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. New Day emerged victorious defeating Miz and Morrison, Forgotten Sons and Lucha House Party. After this there was the traditional ladder match to determine who would win the money in the bank event. Ottis from Heavy Machinery was the winner surprisingly. The brief case was first retrieved by AJ Styles but he fumbled. Only for Ottis to take the catch and emerge victorious.

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Women’s Division Matches

There were two matches scheduled for the Women’s division. First one was between Bailey and Tamina for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A new look aggressive Bailey scored the victory over the dangerous Tamina via pinfall. After this there was the traditional ladder match to decide the winner of the Money in the Bank event. Asuka emerged the winner defeating opponents like Shayna Bayzler, Lacey Evans, Carmella and Danna Brooke.

Change in the Format of the Event

To make the event even more unique, a brilliant idea was employed by the corporate authorities of WWE. Instead of placing the ladder inside a ring and retrieving the briefcase, a different solution was adopted. A wrestler had to start at the bottom of the office building and had to make his or her way to the top. They had to travel through the entire WWE office premises in order to reach the top floor where the brief case was situated.