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World War Z 2 Really Happen After Many Issue Here Is the Problem With It

Among the 20 war veterans who died at a soldier’s home in Massachusets, Emilio DiPalma was one of them. He was a World War 2 veteran. He had a daughter named Emily Aho. She remembers him as a “Character right up to the end”.

When did Emilio DiPalma pass away?

He was a World War 2 vet. A good one. Emilio DiPalma passed away on Wednesday afternoon. He was diagnosed with the coronavirus four days before he passed away. However, his daughter says that he lived a good and full life and had a visible role in the history.

Emilio DiPalma’s war history

Mr. DiPalma was selected at the young age of 18. He was sent from the Bay state to the frontlines of World War 2. He also became the protection at the witness stands during the Nuremberg trials. In those trials, Hitler’s top officers had been tried as Nazi war criminals.

Besides that, Emily, his daughter, also added that her father was only 19 when he did this. Even then, he did his job. According to her, it was the greatest trial back in history.

Emily Aho remembering Mr. DiPalma

DiPalma had four daughters, Emily is one of them. According to her, the man was a person who could be easily spotted in the photos. She says that he was short, that’s why. She also laughed while pointing out his Italian nose. Moreover, at the age of 75, DiPalma visited Germany. He was asked to write a memoir of his trip. Aho helped him write that for the historians.

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However, the memoir was not elaborated much. It was named, “Just a Kid: A guard at the Nuremberg Trials”. The readers and others asked him for more. However, Mr. DiPalma was not ready at the time to share some more about his life. Director of Special Investigation, from the DOJ read this memoir. He made him a honorary member. Along with that, he was also given an award. It was called the Nuremberg Award.

DiPalma was 93 when he passed away. Certainly, we shall respect him and he will be with his family forever. He was a good man who did a lot for his country. May he rest in peace.

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