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World Trigger Season 2 Leak, Summary and Confirmed Release Date

Trigger season 1 was anime based and it was loved by people from all over the world and people were waiting for the season 1 since a very long time. It the season 1 was from 2014 to 2016 consisting of 73 episodes in all and in 2017 it was converted into English language. So now the world Trigger season 2 has officially been announced to be released in 2020. The announcement consisted of a trailer and key visuals also. The producer of the upcoming season would be Studio toy animation and director would be Morio Hatano. The writer would be Heroyuki yoshino.

Cast of the World Trigger Season 2

The original main cast would return. Also Tomo Muranaka, Yuuki Kaji, Nao Tamura, Yuichi nakamura, Nobunaga shimazaki would also be seen on the set of season 2.

Plot of Upcoming Season

The story revolves around humans and monsters who are known as neighbours. The hero having unique powers in order to fight and their use triggers and bullets . The story shows how neighbours fight and protect there species so that they don’t come to an end.

The first season stole hearts of so many people all over the world and specially the anime lovers . This series got love so much that it ran for 2 years and 2 years are no less.

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Considering the love that season 1 received, directors decided to produce season 2 in order to satisfy their audience.

Official trailer has been released and bits of glimpses can be also seen on various social media sites of the upcoming season. It would have been released earlier but due to the coronavirus pandemic it got postponed. Now people are waiting for this season so much and would love to to see e the new season.