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World health day 2020: World health organization is thankful as they posted on instagram

World health day is all about celebrating doctors and nurses and spreading awareness in the common people to make them realize how important they are in our lives. This day is celebrated every year on April 7. The doctors,  researchers and the nurses are trying their best to save the world from the pandemic. As we had seen in the earlier days, the impact of the corona is increasing day by day and it had spread to almost 205 countries. Thus,  to help the needy and the poor to remain financially stable and to provide them with basic health amenities and resources in this hard time of crisis,  WHO is trying it’s best to focus on world health coverage for WORLD HEALTH DAY,  2020.

here is an Instagram post which is done by who where they are very thankful for the doctors and nurses over the world

The number of corona positive people is increasing at a faster pace and WHO is trying it’s best to save them in the best possible way. Universal health care as initiated by WHO on the occasion of World health day will focus on overall coverage of those in need whether it be in terms of money,  shelter or food. They seem to be quite happy on the occasion of World Health Day.

WHO is organising campaigns to help those in need. And this time of crisis,  medical science has never proved to be as much productive as they are now and they are trying to do their best to get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible. WHO was observed to be happy by taking an important step on the occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY and to make this world a better place to live.


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