World Chef Day 2020 Here’s What People Celebrating for Today

Food is one of the basic necessities of life, it gives us everything for nutrition, energy. But we all know we don’t eat food just for the shake of our requirements. We love to eat delicious food and for that every region of world have different taste and food recipes, which is transferred from our ancestors to us and new recipes created by our generation. Food play’s very important role in our lives for fun. For every occasion we look for food to celebrate and that delicious happy time is created for us by the talented chef’s. Today 20 October is considered as the world chef day.

How and why World chef day is celebrated

The concept of chef day started in the year 2004 by Bill Gallagher to celebrate this profession and hard work of chef for cooking and for playing a important role in our lives. He was a chef and also former president of World association of chef’s society. From 2004 World chef day is celebrated on 20 October each year and carries different themes to aware World population about food. It is really important to appreciate every profession including the chef’s as they are the one who gives us healthy and delicious life, who gives us enjoyment through their skills.

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What is the concept of World chef day 2020 and what you can do to celebrate it in the time of Covid. 

Every year World chef society gets creative to make this day more entertaining. This year’s theme is ” Healthy food for the future “. It is to create awareness about not wasting food as many people are suffering each day to get healthy food and to use more of organic foods like fruits and vegetables more than the unhealthy oily foods. As due to corona, you can’t risk yourself to get out but you can celebrate this day just by being home.

You can cook some tasty dishes just from scratch ingredients available at your house for your lovely family members, you can video call your friends, colleagues and arrange a cooking competition among yourselves.