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World Animal Day 2020 Things You Need to Implement to Make Better Future Tommorow

First, let’s know about animal day 

The world animal day is celebrated every year on 4th October. The very first animal day was placed on 24 match 1925 and was founded by Heinrich Zimmermann who was a writer and also an animal activist. Even in that time almost 5000 people gathered around to attain the activity.

Why Should We Celebrate Animal Day and What’s the Significance

Only humans are not invading the planet earth and it’s not even possible for only humans to survive without animal’s. They are there for balancing our ecosystem and the planet earth, provide us resources to make our lives better and even why to look for a motive they breathe and the livve and they also deserve to be respected and cared. We normally live a hectic life who’s mostly centered on ourselves and our family so at least there should be one day when you appreciate the animals who are there for you as pets, who love you more than themselves, they are there as cattles who provides us dairy products.

What You Can Do to Celebrate This Special Day

You can just normally attend local events which are going around you, if we see corona this year you can search online for them, there you will learn more about them. You can participate in campaigns which are trying to save animals which are endangered or are going to extinct soon, you can volunteer in zoos, parks and Forest’s you can do physical work by there or you can give financial help to organisation which are doing great for these voiceless animals. You can spread awareness about every living organisms on social media and involve them for doing good for animals.

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Most of the animals live for a small life span and some for long, with a normal behavior you won’t see their importance but they are as important as you are, and they deserve to live, to be loved and cared as much you do. Many species have already vanished and many are going to be vanished soon. Try to save them by stopping pollution, by planting more so they can have their own house( forest),  nu feeding them and to determine not to hurt any animals whether it’s a big carnivore or a small street dog.