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Working Moms Season 5 Netflix Release Date, Cast and Plot Information

Working Mom is a comedy sitcom that features a group of female pals who are dealing with the difficulties they have to face being the working mothers in their family. Created by Catherine Reitman the series first released on January 10, 2017.

The popularity of the Canadian sitcom has given it a successful 4 seasons since then. Season 4 of the show was released on Netflix on May 6 globally. The fans who have watched the hit series are surely looking for answers regarding any future season(s). Let’s get into further details. 

Is Working Moms Season 5 renewed for another season?

The creators confirmed the news of renewal via their official twitter account on April 13, 2020. Catherine Reitman even confirmed that they are already working on the drafts. But production has still not resumed because of the Covid-19 looming around.

Like always it would first air in Canada on CBS, then after the completion of the season, it would head to Netflix for a global release. So, we could get a release date next year if the work begins on time. But that seems impossible as of now. The production is most likely to get delayed; so all those who watch the show on Netflix will have to wait longer than before. 

Who will be seen as a cast in Workin moms next season 5?

The main characters will return for the show, without them the show is nothing. There might be some other recurrences as well. The main cast includes Catherine Reitman (Kate Foster), Dani Kind (Anne Carlson), Juno Rinaldi (Frankie Coyne), and Jessalyn Wanlim (Jenny Matthews).

The other significant players of the show are Philip Sternberg(Nathan Foster), Ryan Belleville(Lionel Carlson), Sarah McVie (Val Szalinsky), Peter Keleghan (Richard), Nikki Duval (Rosie Philips) and many more.

What might happen in season 5?

There’s always going to be more expectations as the show progresses. We want to see more of working moms. There’s going to be more challenges for our working mothers who had always handled the situation with ease. Since the script is yet to be written, there is no news regarding the fifth season.

When will the trailer release?

It is too early to expect a trailer let alone a teaser. We might get some news once the production is made official. Till then you could again rewatch all the four seasons of Working Mom to freshen your memory.

All the four seasons of Working Moms are now streaming on Netflix.

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