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Working Moms Season 4 Release date, Cast, Plot and Everything Fans Should Know

It is a comedy show by Catherine Reitman and it’s from one of the funniest shows in Canada. It first came to Canada in  2017 but came after a duration in Jan 2019 on Netflix in the US.

The show Working moms are appreciated by most of the parents because it shows the phase through which every parent moves.

Its first season came in January 2019, and till now there are three seasons of working moms, which can be watched anytime on Netflix. The production for season 4 has started but it will be aired after some time.

Release date :

Most of the parents have enjoyed the 3 seasons of working moms and now desperately waiting for the fourth season. So here is good news for every parent who is eagerly waiting for the fourth season, that the show is going to be renewed for its 4th season.

But it will be released first in Canada and fans have to wait for season 4 until it will be released in Canada then on Netflix in the US. It’s been confirmed that working moms -season 4  will be aired on Feb 2020 in Canada, and it will soon come on Netflix.

About the episodes:

There are 3 seasons of working moms until now. Total 39 episodes have been released with 13 episodes in each season. The duration for each episode is 30 min.

The last three seasons of the show were a hit.

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All the casts that are going to be seen in season4 includes-

Catherine Reitman (Kate Foster,)Katherine Barrell( Alicia Rutherford), Dani Kindin ( Anne Carlson), Juno Rinaldi (Frankie Coyne) Jessalyn Wanlim (Jenny Matthews)Dennis Andres (Ian Matthews),Trenna Keating (Shanon).


The show totally depicts the struggles which the new parents have to face. Things got complicated for them when they have to maintain a balance  between their inner world and their outer world. Most of the moms in today’s generation prefer to watch working moms.

It is shown in the show that parental leave is of quite longer duration as compared to ours, but it’s only because it is a Canadian show.

Why is working moms popular among women?

It is obvious for it to be popular among women because it is easy to attract all the working moms who are facing similar kinds of situations with what’s shown in the show. It is a kind of funny story but a praiseful story for every woman.

Catherine Reitman is the writer of the show and from her own experience and from the encouragement from her husband, she decided to write it down.

Netflix may add working moms in its global library, if it gets possible then the season will come on 18 Feb 2020.

This series is worth a wait. The upcoming season no doubt will be an inspiration for all working moms.

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