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Wonder Woman 1984 To be released on 5th June !

Diana prince aka our beloved Wonder Women is back !!
Wonder woman is coming back to the screen in 2020 after Justice League and Batman vs superman.

Wonder woman 1984 is going to hit the screen on 5th June 2020.
It was supposed to be released on 1st November 2019.

Wonder woman 1984

The movie is set in 1984, 70 years after the events of first movie.
Patty Jenkins will direct this film.

The movie will release on 5th June 2020 and you can watch the glimpse of what is going to happen in the movie as official trailer is already released.


The Amazonia superhero, Diana prince will be seen battling with Villain Cheetah. The character Cheetah in comic books had superpowers like speed , agility , enhansed strength and heightened reflexes.
Cheetah God has gifted these superpowers to a British anthropologist.

This movie is not the sequel to wonder woman – says Gal Gadot and Warner Bros. The story will be set in completely different time frame.

Cast of Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot is returning back as Diana prince(wonder woman) with a bang.
Chris pine is coming back Steve trevor and that is the surprise trailer has been given .
Robin wright is playing antiope and
Connie Nielson is playing queen hippolyta.
Kristen wig is roped in to play villainous Cheetah.
Maxwell’s lord is played by Pedro Pascal.

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Surprise of Steve returning back

The trailer showed the glimpse of Steve Trevor not aged and not dead (obviously!) It is not a flashback ! He will be really back I’m the story but how ? Now time only will reveal how the world war one pilot managed to survive and stay young who was already 30 in 1970.

Wonder woman 1984 was supposed to release in November 2019 ,but the dates were pushed back and now it will hit the screen in Summer.

The Wonder Woman with her Golden Outfit definitely makes us eager for the movie !