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Wonder Woman 1984: Major Updates and Latest Update You Should Know About This DC Superhero Movie

DC, for the last few years have been massively struggling with their movie wing. All the movies they have produced have either tanked at box office or were critically lambasted. With Wonder Woman in 2017, it found a new lease of life. The stand alone movie on the most powerful female Amazon warrior of all time moved the audience and was declared a blockbuster.
Fans were gusting about the fact when the next movie would release. They would be happy to know that Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel, will be releasing this year itself.

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot

Storyline of this movie will pick off from where it got left in the last one. We will see Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman as the soldier of the Universe with unlimited potential. She saved earth from a catastrophic collapse the previous time showing her unparalleled bravery. This time we will see her fighting the Lord and the Cheetah, two ferocious villains in the DC universe. In her quest to restore balance, she will be assisted by Steve, the love of her life.

It was shown that Steve Trevor died in a plane crash. But he actually survived it and would be back in this movie as well. Jaw dropping action sequences and mind blowing graphic display will again be a prime factor. What separates Wonder Woman from other stand alone Hero movies is its well thought out script and plot structure.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Cast Details

The ravishing Gal Gadot would be back to play the role of Diana Prince. Chris Pine would play the role of Steve Trevor. Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig will be starring as the two supervillains Lord and Cheetah respectively. Other characters will be played by actors like Ravi Patel, Connie Nielsen and Amr Waked. Some new fresh exciting faces will also be seen as an addition to the existing cast members. No official news has still been published by the Production house.

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date

Fox Studios had decided to release the movie on June 5th 2020. However under the current circumstances, it is quite difficult to release the movie during this particular time period. Thus the actual release date for the movie has been postponed to August 17th 2020. Dates are still tentative since the impending situation does not provide any sure shot solution. Hope the issue gets resolved quickly and the fans can get to see something they have been waiting for a long time.