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Wonder Woman 1984 : Brace Yourself for a Face off Between Diana Prince and Villain Marxwell Lord

There have been many instances of Wonder Woman. She has been an integral part of Justice League, in the comics as well as in the movies. She has also been seen in the animated tv series and has her own fan base.

After, the last Wonder Woman movie came out there is so much more left for DC to do with her. The previous movie was released in 2017 and it did really well among the audience. Now, the second one is on its way for us and we should be ready for it.

When is Wonder Woman 1984 set?

As you can guess from its name, the second movie is set in the 1980s. The movie is around the time where there was way too much conflict. In this one, we will see Diana against a formidable foe, Maxwell Lord. Besides that, she will be facing Cheetah. She will see Steve Trevor!

When is Wonder Woman 1984 releasing?

Firstly, the movie was supposed to release in the last quarter of 2019 but it was pushed to June 2020. Now, because of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, the movie’s release was pushed yet again. The movie will now release on August 14th 2020.

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What are some new scoops for Diana Prince?

People are loving the movie’s sneak peeks so far. Everyone is feeling the excitement, especially after some stills were released to the public. One of them was Diana Prince battling, second showed Cheetah. The third one was much more special and it show Maxwell Lord. He was tied up with the Lasso of Truth (the golden rope).

The three stills are supposed to be related. According to some fans, it seems like Diana captures Maxwell Lord but Cheetah comes to his rescue. The facts of these two character’s relationships are not known to us yet. It could be a boss-employee relationship or it might be something more. Without more information, we won’t be able to say anything.

The final trailer for the movie released a while ago when it was expected that the movie will be out soon. Since, it had to be delayed, the teams gave us these sneak peeks to keep the buzz going.

Here is the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.

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