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Winn Schott giving a comeback in Supergirl, is it worth it? Find out here…

In the latest episode of supergirl you are going to see Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott giving a comeback. He will be seen getting his own legion of super Heroes costume in the latest season 5. When the show was started he was portrayed as a techno savy friend of Kara Danver. And after some hit and try he even designed the original costumes of the supergirl. In its first season, he was seen against James Olsen, fighting over the love of Kara. But that part of the story got settled in its first season only. In season 2 Winn seek a job at DEO that suited him more appropriately according to his skills after leaving CatCo. And guess what, the supergirl itself moved to CW for suit.

Winn was last seen heading towards 31st century accompanied by Mon-El and Saturn Girl in the finale of season 3 , with Brainy taking his place at DEO. Surprisingly season 5 brought the return of Jordan, who once left the show for Broadway play American Son. He too will be seen in his new superhero outfit.

Winn will be seen joining the Legion of superheroes.

Season 5 will be very fantastic as Winn will come back from the future-part 1 for he joins Legion of Super-Heroes to combat his dopple ganger. And he has become the toyman just like Winn’s father.

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It is as clear as water that his doppelganger has something to do with the crisis on infinite earth. Season 5 would be all about the consequences of all the time travelling and bridging. Incidents of Lex Luthor owning and operating DEO as well as receiving a nobel peace prize by changing the history. Most certainly, Winn will get a flash of memories, all that has happened in his absence. Whatsoever he is happy being with his old friends at DEO once again.

The track of the story has not changed much; Season 5

Keeping all things in mind this could be the most suitable time for Winn to get back to Supergirl. Mid of the season 5 just showed the complications like the main antagonist of this season would be Kara and Lena Luthor and the show will still be showing the clashes between Kara and Lena Luthor. Lex got aligned with Lena for some time, initiated by Lena ignoring that entire happened pre- crisis. Lex has joined hands secretly with Brainy for his current machinations.

Let’s find out more in the upcoming episodes of Supergirl.