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Winds of Winter: George RR Martin’s Arrival Novel Has Been Delayed and More Updates

Hollywood TV series nowadays has become a rage among fans. People no longer prefer to watch a 2hour movie which elaborates an unsolved mystery or a tangled relationship. They prefer to watch a more detailed version of those topics in the form of TV shows.

ou cannot really talk about TV shows and not mention Game of Thrones. One of the greatest TV series of all time, the writer George RR Martin is releasing his new book. Sixth book of novel series A song of Ice and Fire, this book has been titled Winds of Winter.

Background of George RR Martin

George Raymond Richard Martin is an established American novelist with a long list of best sellers to his credit. The plot of the famous Game of Thrones, was adapted from his novel A song of Ice and Fire.
He primarily focuses on genres like mystery, fantasy epic, science and thrillers. Wide ranging vocabulary with descriptive plot points and critical twists are his speciality.

Plot of Winds of Winter

This book will be published by Bantam Spectra Publishing in USA and Voyager Books Publishing in United Kingdom. Previous book was named A Dance with Dragon and the next one would An End of Spring.

Winds of Winter will again focus on the dark bloating catastrophes that the winter season brings. It will be highlighted with a gloomy ending, dark character shades and gruesome killing. There might just be a reference to politics as well, with a touch of debauchery added to it. Moreover it is expected to be as exciting as all his other five books.

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Release Date of Winds of Winter

George Martin said that he has still not completed writing the major plot points in the book. He is still working out the ending and providing all his inputs to the climax. Thus it is expected that the book will not release anytime soon. However fans of such fiction novels are not to be disappointed for much long. Because it has been made sure of that the book will definitely have a late 2020 release.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, George is also getting considerable amount of time to spend on his work. This in turn would speed up the writing process and the fan’s patience would be rewarded.