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Windbound Game to Cease the Hearts: Beat a Click to Know Whether It’s Adapted From Moana Movie

Wind Mount is a video game whose developer is five river Studios and whose publisher is Deep silver. The game can be played in PC Xbox PlayStation for Nintendo switch and more. This new game is going to be released on August 28 2020.

Storyline of This Upcoming Game

The game shows the story of a girl named Kiara who travel from the ocean and she got stuck in a songs drum with her boat. This situation made her fall in the ocean and then after that she found herself on the inhabitants seashore.
The seashore has a lot of animals who helped her to continue and survive and to reach her place. She she needs to reach our destination and for this, she is required to kill animals and still the keys or loot the keys.
There are many levels in the game and at each level the, difficulty would get increased. If she kills the animals, she would be provided with the better seacraft to travel at each level and loot the keys.
So, the game requires Kara to kill all the animals and reach her destination where she came from. The Killing of animals would help her to find her place again.

Trailer of This Game

The official trailer of this game has been out now and it revolves around the concept of hunting. The player would be having an arrow and bow at the starting level and at every level, the player would be provided with the weapon to kill the animal.

Is the Game Inspired From Moana Movie ?

We have got to know from various sources that the logo of the game displays its links to the movie moana. The movie has an Avatar named Kara.
The Avtar left left her place in order to explore the World.
The main role of the player is to kill the animals in order to travel through sea craft again.
This all new game is based on fantasy world and is definitely inspired from the movie Moana and this can be played by the children of age more than 10.
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