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Will We Have Mighty Little Bheem Season 3 Release Date on Netflix

Mighty Little Bheem is an Indian animated television series. This series is a Netflix original. However, the kids in India love the series, Mighty Little Bheem. This series is based on the Indian television show, named, Chota Bheem. Chota Bheem is the most-watched anime in India. 

Mighty Little Bheem Series Is Derived From Chota Bheem:

However, Chota Bheem is a little boy who always saves his village from any disaster and enemies. He is fond of eating Laddoos. Chota Bheem show aired on Pogo TV. Coming to the Mighty Little Bheem, the season aired on April 12, 2019. It premiered on Netflix. Later, season two, which released on August 30, 2019, also premiered on Netflix. And now, season three of Mighty Little Bheem will come out. There were a total of 49 episodes in the previous two seasons. The season three may include a total of 15 episodes.

When Will the Season 3 of the Series, Might Little Bheem Release?

The directors announced that season three will of Mighty Little Bheem would release soon. The previous two seasons of Mighty Little Bheem earned millions of views. Kids loved both the seasons. As a result, they are eagerly waiting to watch the third season. Additionally, the third season will surely gain love and millions of fans. As Netflix has millions of subscribers, the viewers of season 3 of Mighty Little Bheem will increase relatively.

What the Characters in the Series Mighty Little Bheem?

There are several funny characters involved in this series. They are Bheem, Chutki, Indumati, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia, Tuntun mausi, etc. However, the story revolves around these main characters. There is a character in Mahabharata, named Bheem. So, the Bheem in the series is the same as that in Mahabharata. The complete series takes place in a small village named, Dholakpur. Also, there is a king of the village, named King Indravarma. Bheem always tries to steal the laddoos from Tuntun mausi. He gets strength by eating laddoos similar to the Bheem in Mahabharata. 

What Will Be the Plot of Season 3 of Might Little Bheem?

The story of Mighty Little Bheem is somewhat different from the main show, Chota Bheem. In Chota Bheem, Bheem is 9-10 years old boy. Whereas, in Mighty Little Bheem, he is only 15-16 months old. He cannot talk and walk. However, the whole plot involves the children between two to six years old going to school. Bheem is the leading character. The character named Kalia, always trouble Bheem and inturn gets into trouble.

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