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Will Ubisoft Encourage Cross-Play and Cross-Platform Progression? Know It’s Further Plans for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

Cross-play is gaining more and more people’s attention. The reason is that gamers want to know which games current generation games will be available for the next generation consoles. We are talking about PS5 and Xbox Series X. Epic Games has already made the announcement that Fortnite will be cross-play. Same thing has been announced for Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion and many more games.Besides them, Ubisoft has just announced that Rainbow Six Siege will also be available for cross-play.

Gamers love siege and to be fair, I can count many reasons to love it. I have played the game for nearly 1500 hours. It could have been around 3000 but I had just started college. Nonetheless, it is awesome to see the game making so far.

Ubisoft Were Not Fond of Cross-Play Before

When Epic games allowed Fortnite to be cross-play, Ubisoft did not really care too much. Besides that, they said that they not really going deep into the whole cross-play thing. Rainbow Six Siege still had a long way to go back then. However, as we can see, Ubisoft are now doing cross-play.

No Need to Rebuy the Game for Next Gen Consoles

This is a very kind thing that Ubisoft is doing. Ubisoft surprised everyone with this announcement. It clearly showed that they care about Siege and want to see it grow even more. The awesome thing about Rainbow Six Siege being cross-play is that you won’t require a new game to play on the consoles. This means that the disc you have for PS4 will be allowed to be used on PS5. Same thing goes for Xbox Series X but you would need Siege for Xbox One to do so.

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The New Rep System

Leroy Athanasoff, creative designer at Ubisoft announced some news for the gamers. There are many people in the game who really don’t do well with other. They use abusive language, racist words and are just, toxic. That is why, if they continue to do it, they will begin to lose score.

Ubisoft has made this possible by implementing systems which will collect the behaviour of the players. If they are toxic then it will lead to problems for those people. They will get warning but continuation in these would result in penalty.