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Will There Be Westworld Season 4 ? or It Will Be Cancelled Before Getting Renewed

 Westworld is a fiction series basically science fiction series.

Creator– Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

It seems that creators have used their brains much in this series and the series has gained much popularity among the audience.

Westworld Season 4 Storyline 

In the first two seasons, we have seen that it’s all set about a futuristic theme park where humanoid robots are made to serve the guests, suddenly these robots stood up against their creators and started revolting against them. In season three, one of the robots Dolores attempted to finish the human existence and their dominance. With each episode, creators made the series more interesting for the audience.

Release Date for Westworld Season 4

The time period for Westworld season 3 is between 15 March 2020 to 3 May 2020. Now when everyone was waiting for the good news of the renewal of Westworld season 4, HBO has officially announced that the series is going to be renewed for its 4th season. The show has managed to keep its audience with it. This series is one of the best creations of HBO. We can expect season 4 around 2022, but no official date has been announced.

Who Is Returning for Westworld Season 4?

The major actors from season 1 are expected to return for the season. But it is still not confirmed that Dolores who was one of the host played by Evan Rachel Wood will return for season 4 or not, but there are still some chances for her return as only her memories are deleted and she seems to be in an unconscious state, maybe someone can save her.

Thandie Newton( Maeve) is also expected in season 4 to continue the search for her daughter.

Jeffrey Wright,(Bernard ) is also returning.

Tessa Thompson ( Hale), Ed Harris (William), are also returning for season 4.

Expected plot for Westworld season 4:

If we look upon the last episode of season 3, then we can predict the plot of season 4.Hale will try that host can take over the planet. She will create a host William similar to original William and original William will be killed by the hosts William. Hale will make some more clones of some important people. She will try to take over the planet by creating the hosts of actual humans and replacing them with it. Lastly, Bernard will try to stop William and hale.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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