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Will There Be The Politician Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date and Expected Cast Details Are Here

The Politician season one was said to be a great TV show of 2019. Right after its first season, fans got so excited that they started to ask Netflix for another season. After seeing their enthusiasm, Netflix renewed the show. The Politician season 2 will have eight episodes.

Release Date for The Politician Season 2

The great thing about the second season of The Politician was that the production was completed before the quarantine began. Also, Ryan Murphy had already started the second season will be released within a year of the first one.

So, season two of the show is going to release on June 19th 2020. You will be able to watch it on Netflix.

Cast Details for The Politician season 2

Firstly, there will be some new members in the cast of season 2. They are Judith Light and Bette Midler. These two will go against Payton in a political war. Besides them, Zoey Deutch could also be returning for a second season. Gwyneth Paltrow could play the role of Georgina again. However, we do not know if she will return. Even Jessica Lange could return but it seems that her story has ended.

Of course, Ben Platt will play the role of Payton Hobart. Like I talked about Zoey Deutch, she could return for a second season. However, we do not know the extent of her role in the second season. We will find that out soon enough.

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Plot of The Politician Season 2

In the upcoming season, we will see Payton running to be the Senate in NY. However, the timeline has increased by four years from the point where the first season ended. He will face Senator Standish, who is played by Judith Light. Besides this, we will also see Alice again, she will be Payton’s manager for his Senate campaign.

Astrid did tell her that Standish is in a scuffle. He was part of a very big scandal and a piece of big news like this could have ended Alice’s career. That is why she will join Payton and help him. Also, the Senator is all set to try and become the Vice President.

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