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Will There Be New Season For Gentified Show, The New Netflix Comedy

Fans of Netflix’s latest new comedy-drama series are already looking forward to Gentefied season 2, so here’s what we know so far about its renewal status and possible premiere date. Set in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Mexican-themed series follow three cousins who battle against gentrification and culture vultures. Gentefied season 1 released in February 2020 and was co-produced by America Ferrera.

Gentefied is Netflix’s new comedy drama show that has taken audience up with laughter.  Season 1 is set in a Los Angeles taco shop.


When Pop played by Joaquín Cosío struggles to pay rent money, his three grandchildren try out plans to come with a way to keep the business going. In this process, they come up with a new menu. Unfortunately, not everybody in the neighborhood appreciates the revised menu.


The main cast includes Karrie Martin as Ana, Joseph Julian Soria as Erik, and Carlos Santos as Chris.


In the Gentefied season 1 finale, the main crew celebrates the impending arrival of Erik’s son. However, the series ends with a very big question putting Pops future in the US at stake. Season 2 will have things about the story following this

We know that Netflix has not yet ordered the return with season 2 but seeing the popular opinion and the number of fans increasing for the show every day, it most likely will be ordered to return.

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If the show is being revived it will be done within the year 2020. At least, the production is set to have started with the season following course in early or mid 2021.

Fans really want a show that is fun and also has a heartfelt story. And Gentefied is one show that has achieved this in the recent years. Hopefully, there is confirmation soon about Netflix taking up more seasons of the show.

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