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Will There Be a Season 7 of Empire or It Is Cancelled ?? Here Is the Reason Behind

It’s been a while when we last hear anything about “Empire”. The series is one of the best Fox ever had.

Empire Season 07: What’s Happening

The series has also done some groundbreaking stuff which we don’t see everywhere as it showed the first gay black wedding.

The story revolves around Lucious Lyon, as a Hip Hop artist and CEO of his own company Empire Entertainment. Things are going fine with him but he knows unfortunately that his health is going to take a drastic change within three years.

So, now he has to choose one of his three sons to take his position as people around him are ready to be on top and throw him off and with his ex-wife Cookie joining the league, it doesn’t make things really easy.

With that, the last two seasons were not up to the mark. The 5th season was able to give us Jamal Lyon whose criminal scandal took a deep blow and Andre was fighting with cancer.

After that, Kingsley ended his own life as he wasn’t really able to take the pressure which resulted in suicide before his own illegitimate father.

There were things about the relationship between Cookie and Lyon but things are not going quite well either. So, the directors have decided to have a 6th season and that’s all.

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Is It Because of the Exit of Justin?

Although, Justin Smollett could be a reason as his scandal really affected the whole thing with viewership and since producers took him out unexpectedly there was also a sad moment there for the fans.

So, It seems that the Empire Season 7 has officially cancelled and without a doubt, the decrease in viewership by 43% is a reason for cancelling the show.

Yet, they gave an extension. So, let’s see that if the 6th season could give something hot and there could be a chance of bringing back season 7 and could get even better than ever.