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Will Smith’s Love to the Cast and Crew of ‘Charm City Kings’ Which Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

Charm City kings got premiered on the HBO max and the production is done by the famous actor will Smith. Will is all excited for this series and showed love to the whole team and wished luck to them. The movie is directed by Angel Manuel soto. The movie was earlier supposed to be released by Sony Picture classics on Aug 14 but then HBO got the rights for the movie and apart from releasing, it got streamed on HBO max.

HBO announced the news by Twitter as they wrote ” Every Sunday In the summer, you either show up or show out. How far would you go to chase your dream ? @ Charm City kings is streaming October 8 on HBO max.

Meek Mill Debut in the Movie as Black and Rest the Cast of Charm City Kings

Meek mill is an America rapper who is also nominated for Grammy awards is also seen in this movie as his debut for the first time. He’s playing the character of Blax.

The other cast includes Kahi Di’Allo Winston as the main character Mouse, Will catlett teyonah parris, Donielle Tremaine Handley and Kezii Curtis.

What Else to Know About the Charm City Kings

The movie is streaming from October 8 Thursday 2020 on the HBO max. The movie is all about the main character Mouse who is played by Kahi Di’Allo who is a 14 year kid and wants to join the midnight Clique desperately. Midnight clique is the group of Baltimore Dirt biker riders who are famous not in a good way but rule the summertime street’s.

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If we take a lot for Kahi Di’Allo, he is only 16 years lot and have gained quite appreciation for his acting. He was seen in films like ” The upside ” (2017), the dead don’t die ((2019), “Queen and slim “(2019) .