Will Smith take off Snapchat Quarantine series ‘Will From Home’?

Is smith going to produce a new series based on home content for his fans? On his Snapchat account, he shared his newly launched series in an innovative way. The actor Will Smith has launched his first series from home on his Snapchat account on Friday (3rd April).

The title of the series is ‘Will From Home’. He motivates his fans through the series and with aims to entertain, he started to make this series.
While these days everyone is at the home due to lockdown and spending the quarantine time so to break the boredom the actor has thought to take off his Snapchat quarantine series for fans.

He kicked off 12 episodes series on Friday, in series he is seen with a tour of the garbage, and also ‘a man in black’ which is actually made up of cardboard cutouts. He also shared the status of his son Jaden and in the caption, he wrote that he needs garbage to shoot the series.

The actor is also going to feature some special guests; this includes his family members and a guest like A-listers like Tyra Banks.
Sean Mills revealed the plan for the series ‘Will From Home’ this idea came from ‘Pent up creativity energy’. Smith said that he was very excited to do some innovative and different things during these days from home itself.

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This time people need positivity and entertainment so, to encourage positive emotions like hope in mind for his fans he made series which is a very creative and new idea that emerged on social media.
He said that this is about escapism but this is a good idea to motivate people to feel strong and calm in the challenging days. The episodes of series ‘Will From Home’ are going to be aired every Monday, Wednesday and on Friday.