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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett What Does His Father Thinks About Relationship With Tyler !

Jayden Smith belongs to the Hollywood royalty courtesy his parents. Jayden first appeared in a movie called Karate Kid alongside Asian legend Jackie Chan. The movie has been reverned as a classic till date and catapulted Jayden to superstardom in Hollywood. After that, he appeared in a movie called After Earth alongside his father. The movie tanked at the box office and he decided to shift and pursue a career in music. He released his debut album in 2017. Then he released his second album Erys in 2019. However, it is sexual preferences that have created more stir in the media since then.

Jayden Smith: Past Relationship

In the past, Jayden being a popular name was never shy of indulging in the media from a very young age. In 2015, he was seen dating Sara Snyder. Both of them were in a strong relationship with tattoos being made to engrave their love. Their love story was well documented in the media. But then due to a sudden turn of events, both Sara and Jayden broke up mutually in 2017. After that Jayden was seen with no other woman in his life.

Jayden Smith: Relationship with Tyler

News surfaced about two years later that Jayden was involved in a relationship with Tyler the Creator. Speculations were rife that Jayden was gay and was dating a person of the same sex. In a concert, Jayden confirmed his relationship with Tyler as both of them were seen holding hands and being intimate backstage. However, both of them have confirmed to the media whether they are truly in a relationship or they are fooling around just to gain a bit of attention from the public diaspora.

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Jayden Smith: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction

Both Will and Jada Smith claim that they have brought up their child in a very liberal manner. They have presented no comment to the media about their son’s relationship status. It is quite evident that Will and Jada are not being fluttered by the fact that their son is gay and has a different sexual perspective altogether. However, what has worried them is their son’s physical well being. Since Jayden is a vegan, he has been suffering from a lack of vitamins and a deficiency of nutrients in his body. They have consulted the best doctors in order to examine Jayden and set a proper diet chart for him.