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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Are They Still Together or They Are No Longer Married Here All You Need to Know

Here, we present you the latest news about Will smith and Jada pinkett. They got married in the year 1997. But there are numerous things which are acting like obstacles in their relationship. So now, they both have mutually came to a decision that they would not be called married anymore. They have decided that they would not be mentioned as ‘man and wife’ but they would still be together.

First Meeting of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

The first encounter of this couple took place during the shooting of NBC sitcom ‘The fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ in the year 1994. Two of them began dating each other by the next year, 1995. They both were in love with each other. But we got to know from various sources that Pinkett wasn’t very fond of marriage and didn’t not want to have such kind of commitment in her life.

But after some time, she got pregnant with their first child and society pressured her to marry Will Smith.

What Was Their Next Step?

Pinkett was left with no option but to get married. She revealed that she cried an entire night and wasn’t happy for her pregnancy. She also revealed that she knew that she had to get married because of the baby now and she was never fond of this decision.

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Whereas, Will Smith completely respected pinkett’s dislike for marriage. They both acted like husband and wife for society.

In 2018, Jada Pinkett wanted to give a new definition to their relationship. They want to stay with each other like life partners. They gave her relationship a very new name.

Whatever the situations they might have faced, Will Smith has always said that divorce has never been an option for them. They have always loved each other and we hope the best life for them ahead.