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Will DC’s Titans Season 3 Have Wonder Girl ???

Titans is an American comic web based TV series based on teen Titans and produced by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti for DC Universe.

Spoiler Of DC’s Titans Season 3

Our story start with the Dick Grayson who is a police detective in Detroit he gets a case about a girl Rachel Roth in minor misdemeanour Rachel tell straight to him that she had seen her in dreams and need his help someone has killed her mother Melissa and is now after her dick doesn’t believe at first but then Rachel is kidnapped by the same people  who also killer her mother Melissa.  Later on she goes to doctor’s house who save all through his medical experiments than there she meet Doom Patrol characters later on Rachel , Corey and dick saw her real power and lastly Deck realise and come up with his dart side and season 1 ends .

After knowing his dark side dick burns out this robin suit comes up with new dress and entry of Rose gives new turn to the story later on the Rachel use her power for good cause to cure people health.

Season 2 was quiet off tack when too much of action was design in the middle episodes which were quiet confusing but lately many things got cleared when deck gets to know who he is ?.

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Season 3 release

Yes last season left us with some suspicious part and fans are eager to know what is new in season3. Guys season 3 is going to premiere in 2020 official dates are not declared yet but yes according to the rumours it will be released in September min 2020.

Cast Of DC’s Titans Season 3

According to news season 3 will have wonder girl. Dick character will have more suspicious suprise and thrill in the story.

They really didn’t declare who is going to be there in season 3 but yes Dick, Rose and Rachel are going to blast this season with full of mysteries and suspense.