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Why YouTube Was Down People Got Crazy

Many people faced the problem while using YouTube. The videos were not able to download and view. The reason was the YouTube was down due to some issues.

Why is YouTube Down?

YouTube is down for users in India as well as other countries, because there 500 total internal server errors. The YouTube spokesperson said that YouTube is working to resolve the issue. He did not spoke anything else.

What Are the New Terms of YouTube?

YouTube is generating its new terms. As a result, YouTube is going to shut down the accounts of the people, who do not make enough make. Additionally, the new terms suggest that it will shut down the accounts that are not commercial. So, many of the YouTube users worried after listening to its new terms. On the other hand, some people suggested that YouTube should remove the accounts of people, who post dangerous and silly videos.

YouTube also altered users to update their emails and notification. Also, they will bring these new terms into the application later this year. YouTube further told, they made these changes so that it becomes easier to read the terms of service. But, they did not mention about the commercial viability in the current rules.

What Did YouTube Say to the Users?

“We made some changes to our Terms of Service in order to make them easier to read and to ensure they’re up to date,” a YouTube spokesperson said. He further said, “We’re not changing the way our products work, how we collect or process data, or any of your settings.”

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He again said, “These changes do not alter how our products work nor how we work with creators, nor their rights over their works, or their right to monetize.”

When Will These New Terms Come Into Place?

The YouTube spokesperson said that these new rules or terms will be applicable from December 10, 2019. These new rules or terms are brought to give back the better version of YouTube. This version of YouTube will be safe for kids.

YouTube made a safer place for kids. From now, all the content for kids is safe and marked as “made for kids”. Additionally, YouTube will disable the features depending on the user’s data. It includes disabling comments, channel notifications, “save to playlist”, and “watch later”.

Why Did the YouTube Change Its Terms and Rules?

Federal Trade Commission and New York’s attorney general made allegations on YouTube.  They said that YouTube violated The US children’s online Privacy Protection. So, YouTube changes its terms and rules. Further, YouTube said that it is using artificial-intelligence to check whether its creators are correctly labeling their videos.