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Why White House Lights Went Off

Protests have been raging all across America for almost a week now. The United States has been the most affected and clinically destroyed country in the last 6 months. With Coronavirus claiming over 100000 lives in the country, almost 40 million people have lost their job privileges. Add to that the constant protests by the Americans to lift the lockdown measures and ensure normality. Amidst that, there took place the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer. This has sparked protests like seen very rarely in this glorious country. Here are some details you can update yourself with regarding this.

What Incident Took Place?

The cause behind the protests leads to an incident that took place in Minneapolis fairly recently. A black man, George Floyd was arrested by the polices on charges of theft. He was unarmed when caught by the police officers. One of them, Derek Chauvin, took him down and pressed his knee against his neck for almost 9 minutes. In a video recorded by a by Stander, we can see Floyd pleading to let go as he could not breathe. But after intense pressure, George had a seizure and died. The police officers were charged with third-degree murder and was given a jail sentence. Since then it has been 6 days that the wild protests have been going on in the country.

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Why and When did the White House lights go off?

On the sixth day of the protests, the protestors had gathered near the White House. National Security Guards and Military Personnel had barricaded the Lafayette Street. But that did not deter the protestor’s motive. Violent exchanges took place with them throwing glass bottles and Molotov. They burned the cars and continuous sounds of explosions were heard on the street. Mobs also destroyed the grocery stores and looted the houses of the people. President Trump during that period was detained inside the White House and was tweeting. His insensitive tweets brandished the protestors as Fascist elements. More than 2000 activists were arrested. At around 11 pm local standard time, lights which gleamed in the White House went off. This was the time when the Night Curfew was taking place.

How Have Trump’s Tweets Been Responded To?

Trump’s insensitivity regarding the issue of gas been laid bare by the democrats in the country. Not only them but the common mass of America has stood in stoic deterrence against his Tweets. Many famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Jimmy Kimmel have lambasted the President for his stance on the issue.