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Why Wait For The Upcoming Season Of “The Punisher” On Netflix.

It’s a tough time for every Marvel series, which is being featured on Netflix—starting from “Jessica Jones” to “Luke Cage.”

Netflix is sabotaging every series. So, this time we are going to talk about “The Punisher.”

The second season of the series was not that awesome, and people just liked it from that Netflix give it it’s the third season.


The series is although going to end, but it’s not that sad because now Disney owns Marvel, and we have a bunch of series and movies being in production and featured on Disney+.

So, that could be a hint that ” The Punisher” could come back on the screen, and since Jon Bernthal is so good in this, maybe Marvel considers him to play “The Punisher” in the future as well.

The series is going to have the same cast with some new additions, including Ebon Moss Bachrach and Jaime Ray Newman, who can come back as Sarah Lieberman.


So, The most beautiful part which we are still waiting that if the Daredevil is going to show up in the series as Punisher or Frank Castle showed up in the 2nd season of Daredevil, as there were comics which featured Punisher and Daredevil together. There was also Kingpin against Punisher at times.

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As we know, The story is now revolving around Castle and the government, and in many terms, the FBI’s some members want to help him, so that eventually he falls in their trap, which is headed by Madini.

Other than that, there is no update regarding the series. The release date is also not settled, and definitely, no trailer or teaser has arrived regarding the series.

So, need to wait for the upcoming series and also need to chain your horses to make sure they don’t run aloof, and let’s hope that everything works out for the best.