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Why Vettel Leaving Ferrari Fans Are Worried Here We Have the Answer

Sebastian Vettel is a Formula One racer for Scuderia Ferrari from Germany. He won the One World Championship title consecutively in 2010-2013 with Red Bull Racing, making him a four-time winner for the championship. The 32-year old racer is known as one of the greater racers in the history of the sport. In addition to this, Vettel holds the third most race victories and podium finishes. He also holds a number of ‘youngest’ records in Formula One along with the fourth-most pole positions.

Vettel’s Contract With Ferrari?

Vettel had a 3-year contract with Ferrari. He won many races in the first year only and was the closest challenger to the Mercedes drivers. Another year went on a slightly lighter note for Vettel as it was a winless season for him while again in the upcoming years 2017 and 2018, both Vettel and Ferrari got delighted by the renewal as he topped the stands a number of times and winning many races.

Why is Vettel Leaving Ferrari?

According to the reports, Vettel was already due to leave Ferrari at the end of the year 2020, as it seemed some kind of a problem in agreeing on the contract terms. So, the end of this contract has come like a shock to most of his fans. However, it was earlier assumed that he would stay in and participate in many races for at least a year or two.

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But the Ferrari themselves confirmed that Vettel is going to end their terms with them and it is mutually decided. Keeping in mind all the other factors, the 32-year old’s decision has left the fans to reflect on his family and his due priorities. But whatever the upcoming updates are, the most important decision amongst all is whether Vettel is going to take retirement or is his going to move to any other team.

Also, this decision of Vettel has only been because of personal reasons and nothing related to monetary unsettlement or any for such reasons. Yes, it has been difficult both for him and his fans and all of us are waiting for his next move very desperately. For more details stay hooked and keep reading.