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Why Trump Attack Journalist Jennifer Griffin

On Friday, Jennifer Griffin created a media firestorm unexpectedly. She did something fairly routine for reporter. In this particular case, a blockbuster report by Atlantic was made that President Donald Trump made much disrespectful comments about veterans. Griffin, who is a national security correspondent for Fox news brought various points in order to validate key aspects of the actual story. She shared her reports on Twitter as well as on a news show by Bret Baier.

There are other reporters too who had confirmed the true parts of story. But Griffin, being the Fox news reporter, claimed that it was true that President did made remarks disrespectfully. She researched and found sources. This is the Reason why Trump asked to get Jennifer fired.

Trump shared an article at Friday night and declared that Griffin ‘Did not confirm’ Most salacious part of Atlantic story’. He tweeted that Jennifer Griffin must be removed from this job as she brings incomplete story to people. Whereas, Jennifer says that she has brought the actual story.

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So, here’s the reason why President Donald trump attacked on the fox news reporter named Jennifer Griffin.