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Why Samsung Shut Down to S Voice on June 1st

Samsung has for well over a decade been one of the largest tech conglomerates in the world. With a variety of smartphones, Smart TV’s, refrigators, air conditioners and washing machines to its credit, it is surely a business giant.

However there is some up and coming bad news for Samsung Smartphone users. Their in built voice assistant device, S Voice would become deactivated from June 1st 2020.

What is S Voice and when was it launched?

S Voice is the Voice Assistant device for the Samsung Smartphones. It was one of the earliest technological steps brought on by the company in order to fight for market share with Apple. Apple Inc. released the Siri voice assistant in the year 2011, along the same lines as S Voice. The technical capabilities, longevity and the user friendly interface of Siri made it much more popular than S Voice. However for low budget smartphones, S Voice did act as an effective tool of voice command. It would register the instructions quite quickly and more often than not deliver satisfying search results.

Why Samsung Plan on Scrapping S Voice?

With the advent of new technologies in the market, Samsung failed in innovating their S Voice business model. However they failed to capture one essential trick to survive in this cut throat competition industry. Although they made constant improvements to the voice command software, they did not invest in innovating a Bluetooth speaker device for the same. While on the other hand other business giants like Amazon, Google and Apple launched premium quality Bluetooth speakers along with these Voice Assistant command devices.

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What alternative is Samsung taking in this regard?

Samsung are taking alternative steps in this regard. They are now launching their new Voice Assistant Application in the form of Bixby. This is a much improved model of the S Voice Application. Bixby has a much friendly user interface with coming of age Android based cache solving mechanisms and adequate safety measures attached to its operating system. Some previous models like Galaxy A9, Galaxy S4 and some other ones will still work under the operating platform of Google Voice Assistant which can still be downloaded on Play Store. However newer models like Samsung Galaxy FE will operate under the Bixby Voice Operating System.