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Why Preksha Mehta Commits Suicide? Her Last Message Is Heart Touching.

2020 is gradually turning out to be the worst year of this decade. With the coronavirus pandemic which has devasted the entire world, that has affected every industry that exists today. The Entertainment Industry is one of them. The small screen actors of the Indian serial are having difficulty coping up, due to the unavailability of work. Not everyone is financially stable, even for the actors who come daily on our tv screens. 

Just a week before we heard the news of Manmeet Grewal ending his life. Now another such tragedy has happened. Preksha Mehta, 25, has recently hanged herself to death in his residence in Bajrang Nagar, Indore. She was part of the television shows like Crime Patrol, Laal Ishq, and Meri Durga. She was also seen on the big screen in Akshay Kumar’s strong film, Pad Man.

Why did she commit suicide?

She hanged herself at night and her body was found hanging to the ceiling fan in the morning when her mother went to her room in the morning. The actress was reportedly being alone and depressed off late. Having some mental issues, due to now work because of the Lockdown. 

She had been living in Mumbai because of work but was back with her family due to heavy rise in corona cases in Mumbai. The police are reportedly working on her case and carrying out a detailed investigation about her suicide.

Her Touching Last Message

The 25-year-old left behind a heart touching suicide note on her Instagram page. Preksha posted an Instagram story that read, “Sabse bura hota hai sapno ka marr jana.” It was posted on her story an hour before she hanged herself. 


Her family members got a single page suicide note from her room. The note said that she had lost her confidence because of her heartbroken dreams which are still unfulfilled and she could not live up with these dead dreams anymore. It further read, she had tried her best for the last year but it’s difficult to live life with all this negativity.

Actress Richa Tiwari confirmed her death news on her Instagram dedicating a post to the young actress. 

It has been an easy out way for actors these days who are burdened under the financial crisis. Mental Issue is an important part which is still neglected by us. We need to look after it as we look upon our physical selves. 

May her lovely soul rest in peace.

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