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Why Melania Trump Decided Not to Visit Her Husband Donald Trump at Hospital. What Made People Criticise Presid

On Friday both President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump was found positive for corona virus. Instantly the president was asked to be admitted at the hospital to deal with any consequences but Melania’s symptoms were quite normal so she got to quarantined at white House. When Donald Trump was hospitalised, one of the unknown person from white House reported that Melania won’t visit her husband Trump in the hospital. Melania was taking corona very serious from the start and she don’t want to take any risk about infectibg more people as when she will go to hospital the safety service might get infected or even the people at hospital who will come to greet her.

What was in Melania’s tweet

She made a tweet about her improving condition she wrote ” Feeling good and will continue to rest at home “. She Also added that “she’s thankful for the medical care from doctors and caretakers and she will also pray for the people who are also affected by the the covid19.

On the other hand president Donald Trump was hospitalized from Friday evening, many supporters and fans made gathered around the hospital on which Trump responded by a tweet saying “I really appreciate all the fans and supporters outside of the hospital. The fact is they really love our country and seeing now we are making it greater than even before.

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What Made People Criticise President Donald Trump Even When He’s Sick

Donald Trump returned back to to white House on Monday on the way back home he stopped to make a appearance in front of mediamedia, to pose for a photograph he removed his mask and showers thumps up. But this incident made many negative comments as there were security service people of Donald Trump and as he removed his mask he risked those people for covid 19. Many people tweeted about it and made negative comments for this action of President Donald Trump.