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Why Juan Pablo Galavis Seems Lightly to Not Appear in the Bachelor Season 19

Over the course of the last decade, The Bachelors have truly been one of the most entertaining TV series shows of all time. The main theme of the show revolves around the situations which are faced by couples when they start contradicting each other. There have been many instances of new relationships being established on the platform of the show itself. On the other hand, there have been several instances when we have seen that some of the relationships have not lasted for a considerable period of time and have been witness to some of the most painful breakups on the show. However, Juan Galavis Pablo has been one of the central characters of the show and has been behind many of those infamous breakups.

What is Pablo’s current relationship status?

In recent times, Pablo had first married Andi with whom he had a brewing romance during the entire duration of the show. However, the romantic relationship did not pan out as planned and there were several instances of miscommunication between the couple. After their mutual split, Pablo went into a relationship with Nikki Ferrell. The couple dated for a considerable period of time and then went for a well-settled relationship. But that was not to be the fate of Pablo as even that relationship did not last for a considerable period of time. This according to confirmed reports Pablo is single now and is open to dating people.

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Why Won’t Pablo appear on the show?

Pablo said in a recent interview that he had been invited to be a part of the GOAT episode of the show the Bachelor. But Pablo has recused to be a part of it since he had ended his relationship with the show on not so cordial terms. Moreover, he also said that he was invited to the other special programs in relation to the show as well. But he had refused to participate and denied citing any particular reason for his absence.

Fan Reaction

Fans were a bit disappointed when they heard that their favourite Bachelor won’t be appearing on the show. They had expected that at least for the final instalment, but that was not to be as Pablo has directly denied any reports of his participation in the show. Moreover, he has also spoken out loud about the kind of payments actors receive after appearing for the show. For more recent updates log onto to our website and keep in touch with it on a daily basis.