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Why Jeremy Renner Accuses Ex-Wife of Misusing $50,000 From Daughter’s Funds

The news came out that the famous and the notable actor, Jeremy Renner accuses his ex-Wife of misusing $50,000 from daughter’s funds.

Why Does Jeremy Renner Accuses His Ex-Wife?

The Hollywood star, Jeremy Renner Aka Hawkeye accuses his ex-wife for misusing $50,000 from daughter’s funds. Jeremy Renner is a very famous and notable actor, who is acting in Avengers: Endgame. Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife is Sonni Pacheco. This couple married in the year 2014 and had one daughter. As a result, Jeremy Renner said that his ex-wife has withdrawn $50,000 from their daughter’s trust funds. Jeremy and Sonni had a daughter, named, Ava, who is seven years old now.

Sonni Pacheco used a large amount of her daughter’s money in just two years. She also transferred this money to her private account. Again, Sonni used $10,000 out of that money to pay property tax for two times. She also paid a huge amount to her lawyer from her daughter’s fund.

How Did Sonni Pacheco Respond to the Allegations?

Sonni Pacheco said that she used the money for her daughter’s safety and her health. Again, she stated that the most important thing in the world for the mother is a child’s health and safety. Further, Sonni said that it is very difficult to take care of a child. Earlier, she accused Jeremy Renner for threatening to kill her.

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Who Is Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco?

Jeremy Lee Renner is a famous American actor. He is also a songwriter and musician. He started his career in the very early age of his life. Further, he became very famous and notable. Renner’s two notable films are Dahmer and Neo Ned. He also worked as a supporting actor in many films. Jeremy nominated in many film awards. He earned a lot of money and earned fame and popularity. Jeremy nominated in total of 102 film awards. As a result, he won a total 52 awards out of 102.

Jeremy Lee Renner married a Canadian model, named, Sonni Pacheco on January 13, 2014. This couple gave birth to a daughter, named, Ava on March 28, 2013. After they gave birth to Ava, they married each other. But, after some months of their marriage, they separated from each other.

Sonni Pacheco is a famous and well-known Canadian Model. Now, she is an artist. She gained much popularity and fame. Sonni also earned a title, named, “Splendid Wet T-Shirt Girl”. Her first famous movie is “The Hurt Locker”, which released in the year 2008. Again, one of her famous movies is Wingman released in the year 2012. She nominated many film awards and won many of them.