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Why Jada Pinkett Smith Doesn’t Follow August Alsina on Instagram

August Alsina, an American singer, and songwriter has confirmed his previous link-up rumor with the singer Pinkett Smith. He has agreed to that they were romantically involved during the singer was separating from Will Smith.

In the very recent episode of a Facebook Watch show named Red Table Talk, the singer Pinkett gave an interview with her movie star husband. In which she candidly talked about her affair with Alsina. She admitted that her relationship with August fired up almost four and a half years ago during her separation with Smith.

She admits that she was extremely broken and sad after the breakup. And now that she has matured enough to realize that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself. She also confessed that her linkup with August has made her confront her emotional immaturity. She says that their relationship ended when they both stopped talking to each other and that they haven’t talked to each other for so long now.

She also says that it was a very different kind of relationship for her. And that she was too broken after her break up with Smith, she got involved in this. This made her realize that what emotional insecurities actually are. She admitted that she learned so much about herself during this entire journey. And that it made her confront herself and her feelings.
That relationship brought out so many things from inside the singer and it had become real learning for her future.

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Also, apart from all these things, she admits that her separation with Will Smith was amicable. And along with that statement of hers, she denies any rumor of Alsina being a homewrecker.
You can watch the entire interview, which was posted on YouTube on 30th June 2020.
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