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Why GFuel Has Maintain Distance With Keemstar and in a Video Saying “Walked Away” From Gfuel in a Response to H3H3

Well, It seems that this pandemic has been able to give a lot more trouble than we actually thought as some are passing their time in online feuds.

As recently, We were able to witness YouTubers Keemstar and h3h3 are basically busy in an online feud which eventually led to the cancellation of the sponsorship to Keemstar which was basically provided by G Fuel which is an esports-centric energy drink company.

The cancellation was able to take place through a video posted by h3h3 which reflected all the past controversies in which Keemstar was involved.

What Keem Actually Did??

Daniel Keem “Keemstar” is even though a popular YouTuber but still he is very much vulgar when it comes to his content as these are racist and pretty twisted content he basically uploads and everything about this is not so good.

So, The whole thing with Keemstar was still going pretty well but recently Ethan “h3h3” Klein posted a video called “Content Nuke-Keemstar” which literally showed each and every controversy, he was ever in within this clip of 46 minutes. The video showed how much filth was basically was there with the content and after all, this how G Fuel is still sponsoring him.

The whole video was able to disrupt his image and the most turning point in the video was that recently the famous YouTube star Desmond “Etika” Amofah did suicide as her mental illness was becoming a problem for her. Amofah also had a feud with Keem as he deliberately used to insult her for the issues she was basically facing and also a lot of harsh tweets.

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The video showed that Keem suggested Amofah that she should jump from a bridge and she did die from taking a leap from a bridge in 2019, which has led to the cancellation of sponsorship by Gfuel as that’s what people are thinking.

G Fuel is no better than Keem

The G Fuel has been also responsible for supporting PewDiePie which has been able to label them as the ones who supports the controversial stars. They even though didn’t give any explanation for the cancellation but Keem has explained as an incidence of “Walk Away”.