Why Does Reggie Bush Left Kim Kardashian Even Though Tye Couple Was So in Love?

Reggie was a NFL players who is now retired from that. The furts rumore if Kim ka d Reggie started in the year 2007 eurn they met at ESPY awards and soon got hitched together. Both Kim and Reggie was at peak in their career and seemed for each other. The couple happily spent 2 year but then problem started occurinh between them and they ended their relationship in the 3rd year if being together. It is said that it was Reggie who broke up with Kim.

What was the reason of couple’s breakup

Kim was busy in setting her brand higher and higher, Reggie was also busy in their work and the couple couldn’t manage to spend time together and they felt like having a space is better for their careers. An insider said ” They loved each other so much and they hoped that the couple can make it work but for now Reggie was needed to start his football session this week and Kim was busy at shooting “keeping up with Kardashian”, so they needed some space. The insider also added ” Kim travels world and has created her brand, Reggie couldn’t keep with that”.

Hows thing’s are between Kim and Reggie

Both the person got married in the same year 2014, just sadldy with different partners. Kim married rapper Kanye West and had 4 children with him. Reggie married dancer lilit Avagyan and had 3 children with her.

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In an interview Reggie talked highly of Kim as he said “she’s doing a great work in creating her Brand for herself, her and her family. I’m so happy for them, she’s very smart. On the other hand Kim never talked about his ex Reggie and always ignored the topic.